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February 2012 Newsletter Download File
BioVision’s February 2012 newsletter is the much anticipated edition which thoroughly outlines the seed quality of the 2011 crop and also benchmarks the averages against the 2010 seed crop. As the grain marketing landscape changes in the upcoming months, learn how BioVision’s Grain Grading can fit into your grain business. Other topics include how to communicate with us via twitter (@seed_testing) and how we can keep you informed with our video’s produced with We are very excited to explore these new forms of client interaction and are keen to hear from you.
December 2011 Newsletter Download File
BioVision’s December 2011 newsletter officially announces our Winnipeg lab accreditation and introduces our lead analyst, Ken Penner. We also detail our new varietal identification services for cereal grains and relay the preliminary snapshot of seed quality. In an effort to expand communication with our client base, BioVision has launched a number of social media initiatives. You can follow us on Twitter or view our “Under the Microscope” series with Read more by downloading the file.
August 2011 Newsletter Download File
BioVision’s August 2011 newsletter provides a glimpse at our recent business developments and our efforts to serve our valued clients. In the fall of 2011, BioVision is anticipating seed accreditation of our Winnipeg laboratory by CFIA, so stay tuned for updates. We will also be offering Seed Import Releases for crops listed in Tables I-VI, XVIII, and VII. In preparation for growth, BioVision also announces the hiring of Lee-Anne Alde, a fully accredited seed analyst, to our Grande Prairie analytical team.
March 2011 Newsletter Download File
BioVision’s March 2011 newsletter demonstrates our recent analytical asset acquisitions and how we have deployed these into our new testing procedures for event testing, disease testing and varietal identification. To support the grain industry’s needs, we are now offering Falling Number analysis in our Winnipeg laboratory location. Within our Staff Highlight section, we have also taken this opportunity to introduce a valuable new staff member, Nicole Girard, to our disease and molecular departments.
January 2011 Newsletter Download File
BioVision’s January 2011 newsletter provides a thorough analysis of the overall quality of the 2010 cereal and pulse seed crop. Both germination and disease data (range & average) are tabulated, and then compared against the 2009 seed crop. If the quality of your seed crop is borderline, BioVision has provided a few recommendations as well. Patrick Greer, BioVision’s grain quality expert and manager of our new Winnipeg lab, is introduced in our Staff Highlight section.
October 2010 Newsletter Download File
BioVision’s Fall 2010 Newsletter announces the grand opening of our WINNIPEG lab! Our business is built around a solid strategy which focuses on comprehensive analysis and service deliverables that are met each and every time. This conveniently located lab offers grain graining services to grain handlers, research organizations, processors and farmers. BioVision is also proud of the addition of CDC Triffid flax testing to our extensive portfolio. For further details and a synopsis of BioVision’s recent activities open our newsletter by selecting the button on the right.
March 2010 Newsletter Download File
BioVision's March 2010 Newsletter highlights the seed quality of the 2009 crop and the Canadian Workshop on Fusarium Head Blight (Ottawa, 2009).
January 2010 Newsletter Download File
BioVision's January 2010 Newsletter summarizes the technical committee presentations from the ISTA conference which BioVision attended in Switzerland (June 2009). Also, view images of pre-harvest damage that is showing in wheat.

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