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Manitoba Seed Lab offers broad scope of Testing Download File
Seed testing services are available at BioVision’s Winnipeg lab, which is conveniently located near the Winnipeg airport. Our comprehensive list of services includes germination, physical purity, cool stress testing, kernel weight and APHIS generation. We can also assist you with your disease, CDC Triffid GMO test and more. You will benefit from our “same day” processing and LIVE online database for immediate test results. Call our senior accredited analyst, Ken Penner, at 1-877-721-2365. ----- March 20, 2012
BioVision's Winnipeg Lab Accredited - NEWS RELEASE Download File
BioVision Seed Labs has officially been accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to test crops under all grade tables, excluding Table XII and orchardgrass (Table XI). We will be offering germination, physical purity, cool stress testing, 1,000 kernel weight and many more tests at this location. Call us at 1-877-721-2365 for details! ----- December 5, 2011.
Grain Grade – The new tool for innovative farmers! Download File
Whether you are a seed grower, a research organization or a farmer, GRAIN GRADING has become accessible, comprehensive, informative and affordable. Grain grading measures a specific set of factors, which can assist with grain marketing this winter, but can ultimately educate clients of criteria that is limiting grain productivity. Some of these grading factors include percent midge damage, Fusarium damage, grasshopper damage and contamination of other crops. By understanding what is impacting your grain quality, clients can use this tool to make educated purchases of crop protection products and seed varietal selection in future years. Also, the grain grade expresses kernel health (color, sprouting, shrunken, broken, green kernels, frost), which will impact storability and perhaps germination. View an example of our analysis in the attached poster! We pay for shipping fees to our lab, so call us toll free for courier information at 1-877-721-2365 ----- September 30, 2011
NEW! BioVision Offers Varietal Identification Testing by DNA marker technology
BioVision is pleased to announce that we now offer Varietal Identification services using DNA satellite marker platform. This new method of varietal identification, developed by Canada’s leading government researchers, provides enhanced precision. Varieties that were difficult to distinguish using traditional methods, can now be identified as all wheat and barley varieties have unique markers. BioVision’s turn-around of varietal identification tests is like no other, as we have implemented laboratory equipment to increase capacity, even robotics, to assist with mundane yet critical steps. Clients can expect accurate results with prompt turn-around! By pairing advanced instrumentation with satellite marker technology, BioVision will exceed your expectations with our varietal identification services. Ask for "VARIETAL IDENTIFICATION - DNA" when submitting your next sample. -----September 12, 2011
CDC Triffid GMO Test for Flax compliments BioVision's other flax services. Download File
The CDC TRIFFID GMO EVENT TEST (FP967 Event) continues to be an integral component of the Canadian grain and seed quality assurance programs. Since BioVision is a fully integrated laboratory, we can conduct germination, physical purity, 1000 kernel weight and the CDC Triffid GMO event test simultaneously and report all results on one Report of Analysis. We adhere to the Real-Time PCR protocol with a 0.01% detection limit and continue to achieve all benchmarks on the validation samples to maintain accreditation. All flax sample types (pedigreed seed, farm saved seed, commercial grain) are eligible for the Flax Council of Canada subsidy effective immediately. BioVision’s Test Submission Form is available at BioVision’s website (select "Download File"), as well as the Flax Council of Canada website. ----- September 3, 2011.
APHIS Procedures for US Shipments Download File
With seed moving into position for planting, ensure you have adequate documentation to clear United States customs, which includes a Federal Noxious Weed Exam and an APHIS. In order for BioVision to issue the APHIS, send the completed Declaration of Sampler Form with your seed sample. The volume of seed analyzed is crop specific (Canola 70 grams; cereals 500 grams), so contact our office for species not listed. The Declaration of Sampler Form can be downloaded by selecting the web button.-----April 5, 2011
BioVision Opens Lab in Winnipeg!
BioVision Seed Labs has expanded into Winnipeg to provide grain grading services for Canadian grain handlers, research organizations, seed growers and farmers. This facility is now open and is expected to compliment the current varietal purity services offered at the Edmonton molecular lab. Pat Greer, who has 25 years of analytical and managerial experience within the grain industry, will oversee the Winnipeg lab operations. Grain Grading Services Include: Grading, Dockage, Protein, Moisture, Malt Germination, Mycotoxin Testing, Oil Content. Pat Greer can be contacted toll free at 1-877-721-2365 or visit our lab at B17-1391 St. James Street during business hours. ----- September 7, 2010.

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